Zion Lutheran Church

In 1852, members who withdrew from the Vereins church formed the Zion Lutheran congregation.  The congregation consisted of six families.  On January 13, 1853, they established a permanent organization and on March 7, 1854, the corner stone for a church building was laid.  The church was completed that same year.  Items placed in the corner stone included various Lutheran church journals, several political papers, including the National Democrat from Washington, several Lutheran calendars and several popular calendars, the history of Fredericksburg and its environs, the history of the Zion congregation and its statutes.

The following served the congregation as pastors:  P. F. Zizelmann, Bohnenberger, J. Schumacher, F. Holzinger, J. Goszweiler, H. Merz, K. Weisz, R. Fiedler, and Emanuel Glatzle.

In 1891, a mixed choir composed of church members was organized and in 1894, a male chorus.  During that same year, two ladies’ societies were organized.  In 1895, a Posounen-Chor was introduced to furnish church music.